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three lefts make a right

Available for purchase (digital & physical) on Bandcamp 
Available on all streaming services, such as Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music!
Physical CD: 15.00 USD
Digital Download: 10.00 USD

"The first album by Quartet Davis, is full of revelations. Sitting in a space between classical, folk, and Jazz, the beauty and power of this album comes as much from the restraint shown in what the quartet did not play, as much as what they did. This restraint is a sign of respect and deeper musical maturity, albeit by a group of very young people."

- Christian Howes, Jazz violinist and educator

Released September 4, 2020!

Quartet Davis is proud to present our debut album, Three Lefts Make A Right. Conceived out of a love for the string quartet model and its infinite possibility, the album combines influences from Scandinavian traditional music, blues, and contemporary classical forms. With compelling arrangements, stunning vocal harmonies, and improvisation threaded throughout, the album is crafted at once carefully and spontaneously, drawing on tradition while bringing a fresh musical voice to the table.

Limited Edition T-Shirts!

Available for purchase on Bandcamp
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