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"Quartet Davis thinks about music in the most inclusive way. 

With them, music forms continuously across genres."

 - Kinan Azmeh, Acclaimed clarinetist, composer


Quartet Davis is a string quartet that plays and sings in multiple styles, but they most commonly find themselves playing fiddle or blues-based music. They were drawn together by an excitement for exploring varied traditions and a love for the string quartet model. Quartet Davis has performed in a wide range of performance contexts and collaborations. They have had the honor of performing with Fabian Almazan, Alex Hargreaves, Cedric Easton, Billy Childs, and Christian Howes. 

All experienced in teaching and outreach, Quartet Davis is eager to explore musical possibilities with young students and envisions a future where string players will be fluent across a range of musical idioms.

Their album, Three Lefts Make a Right was just released fall of 2020.




“Quartet Davis thinks about music in the most inclusive way. With them, music forms continuously across genres.”

-Kinan Azmeh, Acclaimed clarinetist, composer

"It is refreshing to hear a string quartet that can improvise over sophisticated harmony and elaborate song forms with ease... Quartet Davis is one to watch."


-Jamey Haddad, renowned international percussionist & drummer for Paul Simon

" of the most remarkable young groups I have ever heard. With a voice that is deeply personal and thrilling instrumental virtuosity, they instill every harmony they touch with an emotional immediacy that one rarely hears. As we listen, Quartet Davis gives us all that we hope great artistry will: tears, laughter, and chills."


-Gwen Krosnick, cellist, chamber musician, Kneisel Hall faculty

"Quartet Davis performed a concert at Apple Hill that was engaging, creative, cutting edge, and a highlight for our enthusiastic audience."


-Lenny Matczynski, teacher, director of Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music 


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